The life you want.

Imagine your future self, when you are 95 years old. You are sitting on your balcony –on your favorite rocking chair, enjoying the sunshine.

What life would you need to live NOW to be full of pride on that future day, and not feel regret?

What do you need to do TODAY, in order to live your life to its fullest potential?

If you believed you had only one life to live, would you start living it TODAY, in the way that you truly want?


"It was a privilege to have Haley take the time to develop me as a person. During that time I found Haley to be a great combination of listener, supporter, coach and motivator.

The after effect of the coaching have stayed with me and prompted me to work on things I have neglected.

Haley gave me the will and confidence to tackle new things and further myself along my path.

Thank you Haley for your time and efforts."


"Even if I tried to get clear on my core values with different tools on my own, Haley helped me gain even more clarity on this topic.

She not only asked the right questions but also helped me to clear things up in my head so I was able to understand my own thoughts better.

I really enjoyed the breakthrough session with her because she provided a safe environment to open up and push through the surface of my rational thinking to emotional and intuitive levels".


“I found Haley fabulous. Her calmness, gentle inquisitive approach and her patience was appreciated.

Her out of the box way to lead me to the right conclusion and next steps were inspiring. I felt i was listened to but also working together in a team to achieve the right outcome for me.

I came out of it feeling refreshed and happy. A great experience. Thank you Haley".


"Haley is an intuitive coach with a real talent for helping create clarity and direction from the most chaotic states.

Her love of coaching, positive and natural intuition really shined through our sessions and I would highly recommend her!

I believe that Haley's talent draws from her personal experience of some of the deepest potential that we humans are able to tap into, it is these qualities of human growth that are reflected in her coaching work".